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The FIXD sensor tells you what’s wrong with your car. FIXD Premium helps you fix it quickly, affordably, and stress-free, while avoiding issues down the road.

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You Care About Your Car. 
FIXD Premium Helps You Care For It, Too.

Now you can know even more about your car than mechanics. The FIXD Premium app brings total transparency to car repair and maintenance, making it easy to save money and stay on the road longer.

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Know Fair-Market Costs

Upfront, accurate cost estimates ensure you never get taken advantage of and help you make more informed decisions. 

Call A Trusted Mechanic

A FIXD Mechanic is on call 6 days a week to offer a second opinion, answer your questions, and even walk you through DIY repairs.

Avoid Nasty Surprises

Premium keeps you in-the-know so you can avoid costly damage, unnecessary repairs, and unexpected breakdowns.

“My family has saved thousands of dollars in labor alone. Thank you! Over 6 different vehicles have been fixed using FIXD Premium.”
- Jennifer G.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Car Is Now
At Your Fingertips

FIXD Premium gives you access to everything in our free app, plus these advanced features that put all the power in your hands in the driveway or at the repair shop.

Mechanic Hotline

From questions about what type of oil to buy to how to change your spark plugs, our FIXD Mechanics are here for you Monday-Saturday. Call for expert advice right when you need it.

Confirmed Fix & Cost

Avoid scams and save on labor. FIXD Premium tells you the exact fix you need with remarkable precision, plus an accurate cost estimate for your issue you can take straight to the mechanic.

Issue Forecast

Extend the life of your vehicle and save. Our issue-forecasting feature empowers you to predict future problems and take steps to avoid them.

Issue Commonality

Know how common or rare your issue is so you never walk into the shop blind.

Emissions Pre-Check

This easy test lets you check your emissions at home so you can be confident you’ll pass the first time and avoid a wasted trip. 

Join Over 50,000 Drivers Using FIXD Premium To Handle Any Car Issue With Confidence

“The main use is the cost estimates for everything. It’s powerful to be able to hold that up to the mechanic and be like ‘wait a second, that estimate is way over.’”

- Sarah B.

“Love FIXD Premium. Went to a mechanic and [he told me] I needed much more done to my Hyundai and I told him to fix only what the app said to repair.  He then asked how I know, I showed him the FIXD recommended repair and cost. Never went back.”

- Travis W.

"I called the mechanic hotline and believe you me, my money... was well spent. I spoke to John and he was a gentleman. Didn't talk down to me... answered my questions and told me to never hesitate to call for any reason about the car. Thank you so much for the ability to call a mechanic when I need help. I appreciate it and believe you me I will tell everyone what a class A company FIXD is.”

- Gretchen M.

“FIXD Premium is great. My car started making a strange noise.. so, a neighbor who calls himself a mechanic told me it was nothing. Then I checked on FIXD Premium... it told me exactly what I needed to have done (immediately). I showed my mechanic, and he went right to work and it only took a short time and I was back on the road!”

- Pete W.

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FIXD Premium helps you resolve car problems as simply, affordably, and stress-free as possible - all while preventing costly issues down the road. Pick the risk-free plan that suits you best.



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Frequently Asked Questions

"Is FIXD Premium Worth It?"
And Other Common Questions, Answered.

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What's FIXD Premium?

What is FIXD Premium?

FIXD Premium is the expanded version of our free FIXD app that delivers accurate cost estimates for your specific repairs, gives you access to on-call FIXD Mechanics and DIY assistance, and helps you handle any car issue with confidence.

How does FIXD Premium work?

FIXD Premium connects to your FIXD sensor through the FIXD app (available for Android and iOS). It automatically syncs your phone to your vehicle using Bluetooth technology.

How is FIXD Premium different from the free app?

The free FIXD app tells you what’s wrong with your car and includes maintenance reminders. FIXD Premium offers advanced features and on-call support from experts to give you complete control over your vehicle maintenance and repairs.

What’s included in my FIXD Premium membership?

Your FIXD Premium membership includes access to exclusive features within the FIXD app, including: 

  • FIXD Mechanic Hotline: Call anytime for second opinions, at-home repairs, and more
  • Confirmed Fix & Cost: Get detailed engine diagnostics + cost estimates for your repairs
  • Issue Forecast: Predict future problems and avoid costly repairs down the road
  • Issue Commonality: Know how common or rare your issue is
  • Emissions Pre-Check: Make sure you’ll pass the first time with this easy at-home test.

Plus, you’ll enjoy VIP customer service and be the first to know about new updates and features and special offers!

Do I have to buy FIXD Premium to scan my vehicle and get diagnostic info on my phone?

No. FIXD Premium is a 100% optional upgrade. You can still diagnose +7000 potential car problems in plain English using your FIXD sensor and the free FIXD app on your phone. There are also other features, such as maintenance tracking, wear items, history log, and issue severity that come for free with FIXD. However, if you like the idea of becoming your own car guy (or gal) and staying even more in the know about your vehicle, a FIXD Premium membership is the smart choice.

Is a FIXD sensor required to use FIXD Premium?

We recommend getting a FIXD sensor to get the most out of FIXD Premium’s powerful features. That’s why we’ve included an option to get one for FREE when you purchase a 1-year membership to FIXD Premium! Click here for details. 

How often can I call the FIXD Mechanic Hotline?

As often as you’d like! Our FIXD Mechanics are available to you Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm, and Saturday 8am - 5pm for second opinions, car maintenance questions, and DIY repairs. If you have an after-hours emergency, leave a message and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours! 

Will I be charged extra for the time I’m on the phone with a FIXD Mechanic?

Nope! FIXD Premium members can speak with our in-house mechanics at no extra cost. Get unbiased, expert second opinions and all your car questions answered for free.

What if I try FIXD Premium and don’t like it?

We’re sorry to hear that Premium didn’t meet your expectations.  Click here to cancel your membership status and prevent autorenewing at the end of your trial period or at the next billing cycle.  You will still have access to Premium features in the FIXD app through the end of your free trial or paid-through period. Need help? Please reach out to our support team at support@fixdapp.com with your questions. Thank you for giving Premium a try, and happy FIXDing!