To democratize car care by giving every driver access to the transparent and easy-to-understand information they need to confidently fix and maintain their vehicle - without breaking the bank. 

Because car care should be stress-free!

Who are we?

Democratizing car care by giving every driver access to transparent, easy-to-understand vehicle information
they can use.

There’s a huge problem in the auto repair industry. Cars are becoming more and more complicated. And the tools mechanics use to understand them cost a fortune. This forces the average, non-car-savvy driver to take the shop owner’s word for it instead of making an informed decision.

FIXD is on a mission to democratize the $65B auto repair and maintenance industry in the U.S. by making complex car information accessible and easy to understand by all. By translating car problems into plain, simple terms, alerting drivers when it’s time for routine maintenance, and providing on-call support from expert mechanics, FIXD takes the stress and uncertainty out of car care while helping drivers save money.

What do we do?

Empowering drivers to make informed decisions and save money with clear, simple information about your car, right on your phone.

You don’t have to be a mechanic or gearhead to understand and care for your car. From translating the check engine light into plain English to telling you when it’s time for an oil change, FIXD makes it easy to keep your car running smoothly while saving money. Drive happy! We’ve got your back.

How do we do it?

Making car care simple with a compact OBD2 scanner and smartphone app designed for everyday people.

When friends and family kept calling our CEO John Gattuso for car help even after he moved away to college at Georgia Tech, he knew there had to be an easier way for people to understand what was going on with their car when they had a problem. Our founders built FIXD for the average driver looking to stay on top of their car’s health and avoid overcharges. 

Unlike other OBD2 scanners that simply spit out a code, we tell you exactly what your check engine light means in plain English, along with fair cost estimates through FIXD Premium. You’ll find blogs and videos to help resolve your issues. And our certified FIXD Mechanics are only a phone call away to offer free advice and help with DIY fixes.

Why do we do it?

Because car care should be stress free!

Every driver deserves the ability to make informed decisions about their vehicle, regardless of background or skill level. That’s why we're bringing transparency and fairness to an industry that’s known for fear and uncertainty. 

From clearing your check engine light to helping you get your car to a million miles, FIXD is here to make every step of your car care journey as simple, stress-free and affordable as possible.

Meet the Founders

John Gattuso
Founder & CEO

John Gattuso has always been a car guy. Growing up with a single mom, he was responsible for taking care of the family vehicle, and friends and family always knew they could count on John to help them fix their car. Out of his passion for helping others and understanding the inner workings of the automobile, John got the idea for FIXD while he was still a student at Georgia Tech.

Frederick Grimm
Co-Founder & COO

As the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at FIXD, Frederick Grimm helps keep the ship sailing smoothly while staying on course with the future vision of the company. Fred’s background in industrial engineering at Georgia Tech came in extremely handy when the three co-founders were fielding hundreds of orders a day with the help of their friends. His perseverance, creativity, and eye for optimization helped them turn a great idea into the thriving operation it is today.

Julian Knight
Co-Founder & CTO

FIXD Co-Founder and CTO Charles Julian Knight is a tech guy through and through. While his early interest was in electronics hardware, he kept working on the software side of things, too. Today, Julian helps lead the engineering team and tailor the app to its user base of do it yourself (DIY) and do it for me (DIFM) car owners. But he continues to make time for his love of hardware and is currently working on building an analog synth.


FIXD was founded by 3 Georgia Tech grads on a mission to democratize car care

Sep. 2014
FIXD Kickstarter Campaign is a success! 750 backers pledged $37,747 of $30,000 goal and help the founders build the first version of the product

Oct. 2014
The founders get to work creating the best car scanner and app on the market designed for everyday people to understand their car in clear, simple terms.

Jul. 2015:
The FIXD app is built and ready to start selling to customers!

Mar. 2017

FIXD starts selling thousands of sensors/day online directly to consumers across the U.S. and world.

Jan. 2019
FIXD hits major milestone: 1 million sensors sold March 2019: FIXD Premium is created as an optional upgrade to provide even more information and support for annual subscribers.

Oct. 2020
FIXD hits second major milestone: 2 million sensors sold!

Nov. 2020
FIXD is ranked 11th fastest growing tech company by Deloitte.

Our Story

CEO and Co-Founder John Gattuso developed a reputation as “the car guy” early on. Growing up with a single mom, he was responsible for taking care of the family vehicle. So when John left for Georgia Tech, he kept getting calls from friends and family asking if the information they were being told at the repair shop sounded right. 

John and his fellow co-founders and Georgia Tech grads Julian Knight and Frederick Grimm realized there was a huge problem in the industry: People didn’t understand what was going on with their car. And they didn’t trust the professionals they relied on for help. 

FIXD was born out of the desire to bring transparency and peace of mind to a typically stressful experience and put everyday, non-car-savvy people back in the driver's seat.


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